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App Features

Empowering users with real-time battery insights, our BMS website and app ensure efficient monitoring and control for optimal performance and longevity.



Display real-time battery status, including charge level, voltage, temperature, and health.


Battery Monitoring

Provide detailed information about connected batteries, such as type, capacity, and chemistry.


Alerts and Notifications

Send push notifications for low battery levels, abnormal voltage, temperature fluctuations, or charging/discharging errors.


Charging Control

Enable users to remotely start or stop charging processes.


Manage settings

Allow users to customize their profiles and preferences.


Mobile App

Collect and analyse settings over the web securely.

How Does It Work?


Login and view dashboard

Effortlessly access your battery data with secure login credentials, granting instant access to the comprehensive dashboard.

Voltage tracking

Easily access comprehensive voltage details, including total, average, and individual cell readings, for precise battery monitoring and management.

Power tracking

Effortlessly track total power, voltage, and current readings for comprehensive insights into your battery system's performance.

Health Monitoring & Alerts

Unlock in-depth insights with our advanced screen, offering temperature readings for each sensor, cycle analytics, and alerts for cell over/under voltage, ensuring optimal battery performance and safety.


Manage and push settings via web

  • One stop to view all the Devices
  • View Log details specific to the Battery
  • Export and cleanup logs

Create and Push Settings from central location

  • Create new settings by model id
  • Push the settings from web to be synced with the device
  • Specify particular setting you wish to push

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You can access the advanced screen by navigating through the app's menu options or by tapping on the designated icon within the dashboard.

Our system allows you to monitor temperature readings from individual sensors, offering insights into temperature variations across your battery cells, ensuring optimal operating conditions.

Battery cycles are automatically tracked within the system, indicating the number of charge and discharge cycles your battery has undergone. Understanding cycles is crucial for assessing battery health and predicting longevity.

You will receive alerts for both over and under voltage conditions at the cell level, ensuring proactive management and prevention of potential battery issues, enhancing safety and performance.

The system sends real-time alerts through the app, notifying you of any over or under voltage occurrences, allowing for prompt action to be taken to mitigate risks, ensuring the reliability of your battery system.

Yes, our system provides real-time monitoring of total power, voltage, and current readings, enabling you to stay informed about your battery system's performance at all times, empowering proactive management and optimization.